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March to Rome 2.0


March to Rome version 2.0 is here, you have the honor to register in the new server “Clash of Nations”.
MtR version 2.0 is a totally refined, balanced and has a lot of major economic, graphics and backend changes, in addition to a huge list of bugs fixes.

Clash of Nations is a highly competitive server, where players are free to attack and loot any player on the server on the path to becoming top ranking Military Point (MP) Warlords. Military points can now be stolen from pleayers that you defeat, which means that the fight for top ranks will be harder and more dynamic than ever.

-Attacking a weaker player will however result in a penalty applied to the damage of the attacker`s army. This gives new players better protection from veteran players and a chance to get back in the top ranks.

Here are the March to Rome 2.0`s Major Changes:
1. Races have been removed – all players start with neutral properties
2. Unit stacks have been removed – you can only place 1 unit per square; Units can be seen and placed on specific positions around the walls in the city view
3. MP limitation is now removed and players can attack any player they choose to attack but an Army Damage penalty of up to 96% can be applied
4. MP can now be stolen by winning battles against players
5. Server info popup has been added – click on the server time to view the when the servers started, ends and what are the rewards for the winners
6. The battle algorithm has been completely reworked
7. Alliances are removed for the time being and will be launched again once our improvements and tweaks are completed

What improvements could you expect to see next?

  • Improved Set Taxes functionality and interface
  • Improved Assign workers menu
  • City gates functionality

Check the full log of changes and fixes:

- The bug that allows you to send an attack against your own alliance is now fixed;
- Finish training units bug that displays wrong unit count on the attack screen is fixed;
- Join alliance quest is fixed;
- Send patrol quest is fixed;
- Hide army quest is fixed;
- Quest reminder tip that is shown 2 times in the reminder window is fixed;
- March motivation cost issues are fixed;
- Wall life upgrade text bug is now fixed

• Changes:
- City and Garrison screen are unified - the troops in defense will now have reserved area within the castle. The maximum number of some buildings has now been changed:
- Houses, storage and farms can be build 3 times in an individual city;
- The total of production buildings in a castle is 9. The limit for an individual type of production building like a Smelter is 5. This means that building 5 smelters will leave 4 slots that you can use for Lumber mills or Stonecutters in that city;
- Barracks, Workshop, Dungeon and Stash can be build 1 time in an individual city;
- The way buildings are moved has been changed – new buildings now require a confirmation the be built
- Siege machine’s damage has been changed according to the wall and tower hit point stats
- NPC attack limit is increased from 5 to 15 attacks per 24h
- Spy reports are now separated from battle reports in a new Message tab
- Units info has been improved – it displays whether the selected units is “good” or “weak” against unit types.
- Building info and Researches Lore has been changed to clearer texts
- Unit breakdowns have been added to spy reports
- Market Place sell limit is now global and affects the entire empire (compared to the individual city limits we had before)
- Distance units are changed from leagues to kilometers
- Spies and wagons are no longer shown in Army patrol

• Features:
- Send spies interface has been reworked and optimized;
- The chat has been reworked and can now be opened by clicking on the button on the left side of the screen. Players can choose between global chat and alliance chat (if they are in an alliance);
- Quest adviser and profile UI can now be seen and accessed through the global map
- New quests have been added to the game;
- Level up popup has been added – provides gemstone rewards when you level up
- Settings UI changes – the settings menu expands; it now shows the full screen and volume controller buttons;
- Deserter Camp – animated icon has been added
- City wall expands – expanding the city walls now expands the whole perimeter of the walls instead of 1 individual area;
- Share battle report button added to the Battle Reports – allows players to:
Share report in Global Chat
Share report via personal message
- Show on Map button added to the bookmarks list


New users are can easily join the battle on http://mtr.gamgos.com/join2/

Existing Users can login with their curent Gamgos accounts. Join http://mtr.gamgos.com/

choose your name and start playing in the new server, we hope you will like it.

Best regards,
The March to Rome team

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Greetings, March to Rome version 2.0 “Clash of Nations” round starts fresh and ready for a new beginning ....
Greetings, March to Rome version 2.0 is here, you have the honor to register in the new server “Clash of Nation....
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