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How to spy?

You can open the spy menu at a number of places for your convenience:

1. Spy a castle on the map.

2. Send spies while orginizing your troops on the attack screen.  

You can send spies to gather information about a player that you are viewing at the moment.

Set the number of spies and hit the "Send" button.

Events in Espionage

Each time you get a rundown of what happened during the mission. As you can see in that case the enemy had "Much less spies" and "They were ill prepared" means you have a certain research advantage.

If you and the enemy both have 10 spies and the same research:

Your chance to succeed at any give step is 50%
Some examples.
When equal levels, 100% advantage in spies count equals added 50% chance to win. (200 vs 100 spies)
When equal spies, 6 Levels in espionage advantage equals added 50% chance to win.
In that regard:
100 spies lvl 1 vs 50 spies 7 = 50% chance.
10 spies lvl 6 vs 10 spies lvl 0 = 100% chance (reduced to 95% max).
20 spies lvl 1 vs 10 spies lvl 1 = 100% chance (reduced to 95% max).
15 spies lvl 3 vs 10 spies lvl 6 = 50% chance.
15 spies lvl 3 vs 10 spies lvl 0 =  100% chance (reduced to 95% max).
Chances are used for these steps:

1. Entering an enemy city:

Success: Goes to gathering information. Does not notify the enemy of your actions.

Failure: You try to return home without being detected, failing once more gets you into a fight regardless if you manage to get information or not.

2. Gathering information:

If you managed to get into a city you try to obtain 4 information reports:

2-A:  City defenses and garrisoned army headcount.

2-B:  Resources in storage.

2-C: How many people they have and how happy they are with their ruler.
(you can only get this if you have an advantage in manpower)
2-D: How much their military has advanced in tearms of improvements.
(you can only get this if you have a serious advantage over the enemy)

Success or failure in this step determines what you get and whether or not thy enemy gets a report.

3. Fights:

If there was a fight the attacker failed to stay undetected on multiple occasions regardless of information gathered.

4. Reports:

Depending on the various outcomes the attacker always get a report and at the least, an estimate of spies.
The defenders chances are played to try and find out:
Reveal that you have been spied.
An estimate of spies and their level.
Reveal what they got.
Reval who sent them.
In utter failure the defender's part gets no report at all.