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Advisor & Quests

The Quests in March To Rome touch a story of a ruler's journey along with providing rewards to help you along your path. The main quests have to be completed to progress in the next chapter. The largest source of free gemsones in the game are quests and she will notify you if there are any developments.


You can find your quests via clicking the advisor portrait or on what she suggests you do next.

The advisor icon and her suggestions can be found in the top right corner of the screen.


Quest menu and types 

In the main quest menu you can review your quest list on the left by selecting them so you can inform yourself of their requirements and respected rewards. Not that there are two types of quests -Main and Optional:

Main quests (green ones) are primary meaning they have to completed and the blue ones are optional. 

Skip Chapter

Players can choose to move to the next chapter when all main quests are completed.  (via the button right next to the chapter number)