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Welcome to the frequently asked questions section :)
Q: Why are there homeless people?
A: Homeless people don't cost anything and are meant only to preserve your population growth instead of stopping/wasting it when you run out of housing space.
Q: How to upgrade the palace?
A: Having enough resources determines when you can make the next palace level and acquire one more city under your control. 
Q: When do roman castles reset for attack?
A: Romans can be attacked a total of 5 times per day. Each attack you do counts its own 24 hours. When it expires you can perform an attack again.
Q: Why does population grow slowly later in the game?
A: You only spend a lot of population when you make large amounts of armies. By that time you have 8+ cities. If you train them out of all of your cities, your population remains high everywhere and it will recover quickly. If you train large armies from a single city you can spend its population fast and wait for it to recover much longer.


Q: How do I change the server/ realm I am playing in? 
A: You need to go to the login screen at  Expand the dropdown list that is above your ingame nickname and select the desired realm. See the example below :)