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Gamgos Stars

Welcome to the new Gamgos stars tutorial in Gamgos help

We are looking forward to get our games more compatitive in a way that you can interact with all people in the community.

From now on, You can invite your friends using the menu item “Invite Friends” and then get 10% of their purchases into Gamgos Games as Gamgos Stars, once you collect enough Gamgos Stars you can generate a code and use it in any of Gamgos games you like!

What is "Gamgos Stars"?

"Gamgos Stars" is a new affilitate feature which has just been inserted into our portal.

You can use "Gamgos Stars" feature to get more bonuses and benefits after inviting players into our games. It is an amazing option that will make you very happy.

How can you use it?

There is one menu “Gamgos Stars” in the player profile and you can go directly to this option by clicking on:


As for the first time, players will not have any stars because they dont have invited players. So, you need to start inviting players by clicking in the "invite friends" option

or you can go directly by clicking on this URL


You can see how many friends you have already invited and registered so you are always updated.

How many ways can I use to invite friends?

We support almost all types of social networks and all valid methods that can be used to invite friends to the community:

1- Referrel URL that can be copied and pasted in any kind of message.

2- Social networks; facebook, google+ and other email providers such as yahoo

3- Direct email send box in which you can paste your friend email and click on "send"


How can I use code to get in-game coins?

- After inviting players to our games, you will get bonuses called "Gamgos Stars".
once you collect enough Gamgos Stars you can generate a code and use it in any of Gamgos games you like!

- You can choose package, for which game you want to generate the code  and generate it.

Gamgos code will help you to get free in-game coins in our portal.


After getting the code, you can go to our payments window and click on the Gamgos Stars and start using your code :)


If you feel excited for this new option, so give it a try!!