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Alliance Resources

Alliances need resources mainly for their Researches. - They can give Alliance Members great advantage by boosting their economy and increasing their military strength! 
There are 3 ways for an alliance to generate resources - from donations, from plunder attacks of other alliance players or by winning a war against another alliance. 

Donating Resources

 Resources can be donated from players to alliance stash/ storage. You will find the donation tab in the Alliance Menu/ Charter.

The Alliance resources are shown in the top. The player`s castles and available resources are shown below. You can type in the amount of resources that you want to donate and then press the "send button". 

Alliance founders manage which resource can or cannot be donated at the moment. They might for example allow members to donate only gold and food, so don`t be surprised if you come across this case. 

Plunder alliance resources

Whenever you attack a player who is in another alliance you can plunder some alliance resources by attacking the player`s capital city. 

The available alliance resources in a player`s capital can be seen in a spy report and battle report.

Spoils of War 

As explained in the Alliance Diplomacy article - alliance diplomatic relations can lead to war. The Alliance that deals the most damage in terms of looted resources and killed soldiers is the winner. The winner alliance recieves a large percentage of all the damage that it dealt. The reward is resources and they go directly into the alliance stash.