Help Section - March To Rome

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Daily Rewards


Anyone and everyone can claim a little something every day:

Just click on the chest icon near the advisor to choose a daily reward chest or check your last reward. 

The chests you select may contain, resources, armies or premium options. You are gifted a free chest every day, but in case you find a smudge or dirt on it or don't like it for any other reason you can buy a more fancy one... :)


Select chest type

At first you select the kind of chest:


Improve your reward

You can influence the outcome by a selection of options you want top have...

You may want armies, resources, no risk and maximim reward.

Choose your chest

Finally choose your lucky one out of three available and take your reward.


Progression for everyone:

When you open 6 chests in a row (of any kind) you level up your tier and get more rewards for each tier.  

Each level gives 1% larger reward from all chests. E.g. If you are at tier 15 you have 15% extra rewards from any chest.