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What is Vacation mode?
Vacation mode  aims to protect players who wouldn't be able to log into their accounts for a certain time period.  
After Vacation mode is activated no new attacks from and to your empire can start. Marches that started before the activation:
Friendly marches must be "returning" otherwise you can`t start the Vacation.
Enemy marches will be resolved normally - you cannot use Vacation to avoid an attack in progress.
All income and expenses stop.Buildings, Researches, Armaments and units that are being produced will be completed normally.
How to start a Vacation? 
The Vacation module can be accessed via the edit/view profile module. The icon  can be found in the profile HUD.
Once you access the module you can set the amount of Vacation days
As you can see the minimum amount of days is 3 and the maximum is 30.
.After you choose the number of vacation days you can hit the start button. 
Remember - Your first Vacation is on the house; From then on the Vacation days are paid in gems.
Hitting the start button will take you to the vacation mode screen.
You will be shown the vacation screen and the vacation timer.


How do other players see my castles?
Enemies will know they cannot attack.
In case they aren't familiar with the Vacation icon once they try to attack they will get a limited amount of actions to perform on your cities. 
How do I stop the vacation?
You are free to stop Vacation at any point.

Keep in mind that once deactivated You cant start another vacation for 2 days.
So choose wisely :)