7/17/2015 10:03:24 PM

Major Update 1.6

1- Advanced Search – first field testing deployed
It’s the magnifying glass with a on the map HUD, try it out. We will be making it even better with the next updates.
2- Vacation mode
Those of you that want to be protected while you can’t play, you can trigger vacation inside your profile – a beer cup near the banner.
3- More Quests
7 new chapters with 24 quests each – added.
• Daily rewards - premium rewards increased dramatically
• Sending army to your sieged city was broken – now it works
• Repair walls in quick build menu fixed
• Save / load Formations partial deployment. (still in internal testing) Soon you will be able to work with formations much more conveniently.
4- Smaller bug fixes:
- Hall of fame improved artwork
- Deserters, hide army, move army fixes
- Beginner protection bug fixes
- 2 missing icons fixed
- Music is turned off by default
- Chat is close by default
- HUD resource income information was broken on occasion
- Battle reports profile buttons fixes
- 1 tutorial bug fixed
- Second armory slot did not clear visually when the upgrade was finished – fixed.
- Quest chapter 10 bug fixed – (reported by poorya644 )
- Various language bugs fixed
5- Previous Minor Update - 26.06.15
Fixed - Battering Ram and Cargo Cart having the same Icon
Fixed - Capital storage capacity from the palace. Went missing last time around. 
Fixed - Rituals speed bonus was reversed
Fixed - Some armory bonuses were broken
Fixed – Paging issues after running research 
Fixed Train Units bugs: 
-After starting unit training – the slider resets but the queues remain the same 
- Fixed – Training cap modifier bug 
ADDED  Full units list in spy attack target 
Towers – added to Battle Reports
Fixed – Rankings Paging ; ADDED search and auto-selected user 
Fixed – some CSS RTL issues 
Fixed – Offer to buy food when there isn’t enough 
Fixed – City switched in map wasn’t working as it used to


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