6/11/2017 5:03:51 PM

The Alliance wars - Clash of Nations Round reset


March to Rome version 2.0 “
Clash of Nations” round starts fresh and ready for a new beginning with the launch of the Alliances. Congratulations to the mighty winners of the round!

Use the same Gamgos registration to continue playing in the new round. We hope you will like the new changes.

Alliances Major Changes:
1. Alliance creation - alliance creation and recruitment will be available (You no longer need to select territory for a city when creating an alliance).

2. Alliance cities were removed.

3. Diplomacy - alliances can sign peace treaties, declare wars or stay neutral:
- All alliances start with neutral relation status
- Alliances can sign a peace treaty - for their own benefit. Attacks between their members can break the peace!
- Attacking members of other alliances can change your relations with this alliance to hostile.
- Hostile alliances can declare war. The war lasts for a specific amount of time. The alliance that deals the most damage in terms of units and plundered resources will win a percentage of their value in resources.

4. Alliance battles - alliance resources will be stored in each alliance member`s capital. Successful attacks will earn plunder for the attacker`s treasury and for the alliancetreasury.

5. Spy reports - spy reports will be shared in the alliance messages. Members with the right privileges will be able to see them. Spy reports will also provide information about the amount of alliance resources that can be taken from the enemy city!

6. Alliance researches – alliance buildings removed from requirements

What improvements could you expect to see next? 
- Temporary protection after losing to a superior player

- Improved Diplomatic relations

- Improved Unit info window

- Siege mechanic changes

- Alliance target list

- Finish March Now

Here is the full log of changes:

• Bugs:
- Set taxes layout and default unlocked tax is fixed

- The march time in march summery is fixed

- Attack button in spy report is fixed

• Changes:
- Archer units damage has been nerfed
- Alliance researches - Units upkeep, speed, recovery and cargo researches - no longer available
- Player protection - will provide fast march speed for 3 days to help new players when looting NPCs (attacking a player will remove the protection and the speed buff).

• Features:

- Diplomacy tab:
- Alliance wars history - see currently active wars between alliances in the realm
- Our relations - see relations of all alliances with our alliance
- Spoils of war report & statistics - see the details about the war, kills, attacks and looted resources
- Join alliance quest added in Quests Chapter 1


New users are can easily join the battle on http://mtr.gamgos.com/join2/

Existing Users can login with their current Gamgos accounts. Join http://mtr.gamgos.com/

choose your name and join the battle in the new Clash of Nations round, we hope you like it.

Best regards,
The March to Rome team

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