9/5/2015 1:28:22 AM

Major update 1.7

We have been working on alliances for a while now, in the mean time we’ve done the following:
Added Features:
- Load formations - automatic units placement on the battle grid. You can re-distribute armies on the attack and defense grids much faster. For now you will find it’s fairly basic. It will get richer as we add more formations to it, and set you up with fine controls to further improve the management of armies.
- City expansion is no longer done from a separate button – it’s active while the building menu is open.
- Added Marketplace deals to the HUD (central interface)
- Added loading bar to loading screen
- The university building is now replaces 2 former researches, we decided the building itself should be more significant to the research process. Overall the bonuses for faster and cheaper research are the same, we just moved them from the researches to the university building benefits instead.
- The same has been done for the armory, the two researches that affected the armory are moved to the armory building benefits.
- Barracks buildings have gained benefits that affect the castle instead of the empire.
- Fixed a few broken benefits - including the market tax reduction research, which players reported.
-Fixed vacation showing a black screen for some users 
- Fixed check for available resources
- Fixed gold breakdowns in battle report
- Fixed Gold exploit from marketplace deals
- Fixed Chapter 10 “Colonize city” quest
- Fixed various quest bugs reported by players 
- Fixed empty deserter camps in city and map
- Fixed deleting Deserter messages 
User profile:
- Fixed gender icon displacement 
- Fixed “show on map” and “bookmark”
Other fixes:
- Tooltips in the major features have been overhauled. 
- Fixed March image direction
- Fixed Move army image 
- Fixed missing chest icon in daily rewards
- Fixed Tutorial arrow for Train max army 
- Fixed advanced search map cursor state
- Fixed “saving” tooltip in Formations is dynamic
- Fixed having to refresh the page when choosing race 
- Fixed dropdown list heights in Move army, Send Resources, Spy pop up, Attack screen and Colonization
- Improved translations, fixed more typos.
- Fixed various right-to-left problems for our eastern players.
Aside alliances, we are working to bring improvements of move army, move resources, set taxes and the quest system, which would make things more comfortable. More bonuses for actively playing the game are to come as well.
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