Help Section - March To Rome

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The Romans are currently your neighbor NPCs:

Roman Outposts

You can turn to them in times you need a resource boost for your kingdom. We have more advanced functions for them in store, but we will get to those in time.

Spy Reports

Meanwhile you can find your nearest outpost - and spy on it to decide if you want to attack:

The spy report provides information about the resources, army and fortifications of the roman outpost.

Roman Marches

Romans will send marches to attack and plunder your empire`s castles. You can view their numbers in the march notification menu once they come closer to their target.

Attack Limit

You can attack Roman outposts 15 times each day. The 24 hour count down is individual for each of the 15 attacks.

Everything that you would want to know is delivered to your hand:

Happy looting.