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New sign up and starting a game

What are the requirments of a new sign up!

There are two types of registeration in Gamgos:

1- Normal sign up

Normal sign up goes through 3 steps:

1.1- Sign up now: by entering the email, password and agree on TaC of Gamgos.

Note: You must use your real email in order to be able activate your account and join games servers.

1.2- Activate e-mail

1.3- Join server

2- Direct sign up

Players with their Facebooks, Yahoo and Google accounts can register and get started more easily because they do not need to activate their accounts hereafter.

You can register in our main portal by visiting the following link:

How can I activate my account?

To be able to join servers and play, you must activate your account. After registrating in the portal, you will receive an activation message in your email. you can check your inbox and open the message which contains the activation link. just click on this link and get started.

Hope you have a good time after joining our game.