Help Section - March To Rome

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World Map

For whenever you feel like exploring the world, planning for an expansion, conquering an enemy, plundering a roman outpost, monitoring your armies and so on - just visit:

on it you can find:

1. You have the top navigation HUD:

1.1-  Cities : This is a shortcut that shows the cities list that you have. Selecting a city from this switch will focus your map directly over it.

1.2- Bookmarks : Here, you can move between bookmarked castles, terrains etc - for your navigational ease.

1.3- Filters : Filters provide you with control over what you view on the map.

1.4- Search by coordinates:

Just type in where you want to go, and click the arrow to home in on your desired destination.

1.5- Search by player's nickname:

1.6- A more advanced search is in the works. With it you'll be able to seek out people and places that you have an interest in. For instance - Highlight rivals that you can attack by level difference.


2. The basic mini map as you can see. We are not quite pleased with it at this time, so watch out for improvements on it.

3. You can loot some good stuff to fund your growing dominance from the roman outposts. (unless they send you beaten back of course :)

4. Player castles you can spot out more easily from the Flags they have, but still search gets you there faster.




Having a large kingdom with many cities is the way to become an empire. Currently you can control up to 10. Which will be more of a challenge when they can be taken from you. While income from additional cities is important, positioning is going to be a crucial point, especially if a stronghold you wish to maintain is far away from your main forces. Only your capital cannot be captured with the Siege mode we are now testing.

The number of cities depends on the level of the Palace in the capital - every level can control 1 more city - colonized or conquered. Terrain bonuses should be kept in mind when colonizing.

You can rename, switch and review your cities from the main controller on the HUD:

Just centering the map on them is done from the top HUD:

(we see how having two controls for it can be a bit weird, bear with us we will work it out)

Terrain (Bonuses / Penalties)

You can choose a terrain to colonize from the variety of advantages at your disposal.

The screenshot below shows just one of the many available. Some have good resource production, others are better suited for military bases. It's up to you to pick which ones you like. We will post the full list of different terrains when we stop tinkering with them.