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Alliance Introduction

You can create and join an alliance. New ones can initially have 7 members which can be extended up to 35. In addition to helping each other out, the alliance has a treasury and can make developments to improve the lives of all its members.

How do I create an alliance?

- First click the Alliance list button.

You can choose an alliance from the list and ask to be accepted by clicking the "join" button.

Click on the "create alliance" button to add the required details and create you own alliance.

Give you alliance a Name. You can fill in the description or do it later.

Simply click the save button below. 

You can enter the alliance menu after the game refreshes. 

  You can access the Alliance main menu from this icon. It will appear on the HUD next to your city switcher. Here you can manage alliance members and their privileges, resource donations, set the alliance tax, do alliance researches. If you go to you logs tab you can see all updates about the activities mentioned above.