Help Section - March To Rome

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Profile & Banner


1. HUD Icon

Editing the profile is done from the player bar and specifically thе little profile icon on the right:


2. Profile Menu

Once in there you can add some information about yourself - if you so desire.
Everything you can do in there is pretty self-explanatory.
3. View Profiles
Viewing other people's profiles can be done via the Map and:
And by clicking on player names or flags in reports and messages.
You can navigate between their cities or just keep an eye out for any useful information.

4. Banner

Simply click on the banner on your user HUD and you can start editing your banner.

And fire away until you have the coolest combination you simply MUST have...

You can try the random selection  to check out some banners you may like.

Changing it once is totally free. If you want to have a new and more fashonable one every day of the week, each aditional change is going to cost you some gemstones.

When you have what you like - click the mysterious green button and you are set.