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Every Alliance starts off with a neutral status. If an Alliance has attacked a certain amount of players for a period of time – then the Alliance and its members become hostile. An alliance can declare war if another number of attacks has been reached.


  The Diplomacy Tab can be found in the Alliance Menu. 


Signing a peace treaty requires a proposition from one Alliance to be sent and accepted by the receiving alliance. Breaking the peace treaty manually will change the status back to neutral. Attaking members of the other alliance will also break the peace and the status between the two alliances will be changed to hostile.




Alliances with "hostile" status can declare war on other alliances. The war ends after a specific amount of time. The Alliance that wins is given resources.

Once the war ends – both alliances status go down to hostility again. They can change from hostility to neutral if they stop attacking for a specific amount of time. 

If there are no attacks during a war:

The alliance that declared the war loses!!