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Quick Upgrades

The quick upgrade menu is a simple easy way to keep an eye on all buildings even when you are not in the desired city.


HUD Icon

The Quick Upgrade menu icon can be seen  in the pannel at the bottom of the screen next to the building menu icon. 


Quick Upgrade Menu

Here's how it works:

The city switcher drop-down list shows all your cities. 

It is located in the top section of the module and your current city of residence is shown there. 

Choose where you want to look for upgrades and the list will refresh with the current buildings and resources of the selected city.

Starting an upgrade is very simple: 
1. Select the building to upgrade
2. Click the  "upgrade "button
- The remaining time will be displayed as well as the option to fisnish the building instantly using gemstones. 


Unavailable Building
Unavailbale Buildings are indicated with a greyed out  "upgrade" button
The button tooltip will give you the requirements for the specific building. 
Not Enough Resources

In case you dont have enough resources the resource number will appear in red