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Members and Hierarchy

A newly created alliance has capacity of 7 memberes. The "Organization" research found in Headquarters can help you reach a capacity of 35 members.

You can find information about the members capacity in the "Charter" and "Members" tabs.


The Hierarchy tab can be accessed through the members tab in the alliance menu.

The blue button with scepters will open a popup where the hierarchy of members can be changed by the leader or any members with privileges to do so.


Ranks can be created, edited and assigned to each alliance member. To create a new rank simply click the "New Rank" button in the Hierarchy tab.


You can then select privileges and access out of four main categories:

1. Military Privileges - These can allow the member to interact with and command the alliance army, diplomatic statuses, fortifications and members battle reports.

2. Managerial Privileges - allows a member to manage the ranks, privileges, recruitment and messages.

3. Economic Privileges - gives the member a permission to change the alliance tax, construct buildings and start researches.

4. Information access - gain access to alliance statuses, members and archive information.

Click the "save" button when you are done with the selection of privileges.

!Note that you the rank needs to be approved by at least one alliance member, before it can be assigned!