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The armory serves to arrange manufacturing, supply and distribution of army equipment across your empire.

Arming every soldier your have is a serious task. If left undeveloped enemies can brutally overpower you.

Building Requirements

How do I open the Armory menu?

Start from The Armory in the Capital or the HUD:

The Armaments

Most units have 4 armaments (Attack, Life, Speed and Cargo), 6 levels each.

All armaments provide damage, life, speed or cargo %bonus to the group. So if a Bolter gets 1 Attack armament - that will also give part of the bonus damage to the other 2 Archer units.

Why can`t I  do more than 12 armaments for a unit?

Armory Tip:

The Armory building upgrades and the armaments are become expensive really fast. To reduce the armaments cost and arming speed you need to level up the actual building. To get the most out of your investment we suggest that you start with the architecture research as early and consistantly as possible :)

Keep in mind that the most up-to date information about detailed stats can be found in-game - such as the exact damage % on Attack Armament