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Alliance Messages

As with most communities, the alliance members need to keep in touch and to communicate if they want to coordinate their actions in the most efficient way.


The alliance messages can be accessed from the message icon on the side of the alliance menu button.


Keep in mind that you will not always have the access to all messages. This all depends on the privileges assigned to your rank by the alliance leader. Be sure to have a look at the privileges list. :)

Message types

Here is a brief overview of the messages that members should have access to.

1. Proclamations provide a convienient way to get your message ot all members and to keep track of their replies on the same topic.

2. Military and espionage messages don`t really differ too much from the messages and reports that an individual player would recieve.

3. Recruitment provides a list of formal join requests from users who are interested in joining the alliance.

4. Diplomacy helps you track your relations with other alliances, wheter is war or piece it`s always good to be informed.